Leisure & retail facilities management

Leisure facilities management

We help you to deliver the best possible customer experience. With efficient and effective problem-solving support, you can unlock new potential in your business.

In the leisure and retail setting, customers only notice when something goes wrong. Your reputation rests on delivering a consistently high-quality experience, and this all starts with safe and hygienic facilities. The Busters Group provides support to retail and leisure organisations up and down the country to ensure consistently high standards of cleanliness. Our comprehensive and flexible services allow you to focus on your biggest concerns.

While prevention may be better than intervention, we also know that the unexpected can and will happen. This is why we offer short notice and emergency support to help remedy problems fast. This is how we can help to ensure your business has minimal downtime and business interruption. Through our specially tailored support, we drive real value for our retail and leisure customers.

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Return to work safely with our COVID-19 cleaning services

We can provide PPE for your staff and customers while also offering deep cleaning, decontamination and antibacterial fogging for added confidence.

Pest control for leisure and retail

Food left in gym lockers. Crumbs kicked under a vending machine. Staff snacks left in a staff room. These items all present a tempting treat to insects and vermin. In high traffic zones with consistent turnover, keeping facilities clean and hygienic is a top priority. We will help you to identify the risks in your organisation and put plans in place to prevent infestations. In situations where there is an active infestation, we’ll help you to quickly bring this under control.

When your reputation rests on providing clean and hygienic facilities, we recognise the importance of swift and discreet action. We can provide one-off advice and support or a scheduled maintenance programme to help you take control of your facilities. Our highly skilled team will keep you informed every step of the way so you can fully appreciate the impact of their actions and how this will help to keep your customers safe.

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Hygiene services for leisure & retail

Keep your facilities safe and hygienic with bespoke washroom management from The Busters Group. We cover all settings, from leisure centres and gyms to arenas and stadiums. Take control of high-traffic areas and make sure your facilities are efficient, clean and ready for visitors at any moment. We can offer flexible packages to ensure peak efficiency and safety.

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Cleaning services for leisure & retail

Maintain the exterior of your property as well as you maintain the interior. Our comprehensive clearing service and grounds maintenance options will put you in control. We can remove graffiti, clean windows and storefronts, manage the landscaping and pressure wash pavements. Scheduled maintenance will ensure a bright welcome for your visitors.

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