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Commercial graffiti removal services

Graffiti might be a form of artistic expression, but when your property is the canvas, you might have different feelings about it. While a Banksy might be allowed to stay, everything else needs to be dealt with quickly.

Schools, offices and industrial sites are often the targets for vandals with spray paint. And once one patch of graffiti paint is allowed to stay put, this can become a signal to other opportunistic artists to make their mark. This is why we recommend swift commercial graffiti removal services and restorative work to deter further vandalism & to remove the graffiti.

Our highly trained graffiti removal team will use a combination of graffiti removal methods to achieve the perfect end result, by using a special formulation of graffiti removal chemicals to loosen the chemical bonds in the paint. This is followed by pressure washing to remove all traces of the graffiti and paint. Our graffiti removal service can tackle graffiti damage of any scale on any surface. With sites in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London, we can quickly deploy cleaning service teams to tackle your graffiti problem before it becomes a beacon to other vandals.

We often work throughout the Oxford, Leeds & Gloucester area on the removal of graffiti. Contact our graffiti removal cleaning services team today if you are looking for commercial graffiti removal.

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The importance of quick responses

The broken window theory states that visible signs of crime such as a broken window or graffiti will perpetuate further acts. To keep your premises safe from vandals, it’s important to remove graffiti quickly before it can attract more would-be artists. A small spot of graffiti that is left on a wall is a signal to other artists that they can make their mark there without being disturbed. This is why we recommend a quick response to remove graffiti. Request a callback using the button below to take care of your graffiti problem.

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Full-service restorations

After chemical treatment and jet washing, your premises might need a touch of paint to restore the exterior. Vandals may also cause damage to the surrounding areas which can create a poor first impression for visitors. We can assist in all repairs, providing a comprehensive service that limits the need to call multiple companies. Our expert team of graffiti removal specialists will assess the damage and then approve repairs before going ahead.

Graffiti Removal Service

Alongside our graffiti removal service, pressure washing is also suitable for cleaning paving, decking or tarmac. In a school setting, regular chewing gum removal may also be necessary, while in industrial settings, we are more accustomed to removing grease or oil stains. By combining leaning services you can increase efficiency and reduce downtime in your business. Full site clearance and graffiti removal might be required for a void property to get it ready for market. Whatever your needs, we are adaptable and dependable.

To learn more about the effects of graffiti, we recommend reading our "What is graffiti & why its an issue" blog.

Complete grounds maintenance services

Graffiti removal is just one part of our exterior Cleaning and grounds maintenance package. With a facilities management contract from The Busters Group, your company will have a versatile partner to take care of all maintenance and repairs. With The Busters Group on your side, you can be sure of fast response times, expert support and a professional finish. Combine services to create a comprehensive package of support that works for your organisation.

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