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Commercial contaminated waste services

In accordance with the Hazardous Waste (England) Regulations 2005, organisations have a responsibility to ensure hazardous waste is collected and disposed of correctly.

Since curbside collection does not include contaminated waste, it is down to companies to source their own commercial contaminated waste service. The Busters Group is proud to offer a comprehensive service for businesses. Contaminated waste will mean a lot of different things to different companies, and we are here to help you handle all of it.

The majority of contaminated waste in business originates in the washroom. Feminine hygiene bins and nappy bins required scheduled collection and disposal to keep washroom facilities hygienic. We can also provide advice on the best way to collect hazardous waste, on a small or large scale. In a healthcare setting, this might include sharps disposal, biohazardous material or bodily waste. We can also provide support following pest control to provide an efficient decontamination service, including the safe removal of any contaminated items.

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We're experts in pest decontamination

When you have successfully taken care of a pest control problem, this doesn’t always mean the end of the ordeal. Birds, rodents and insects can all leave behind contamination that needs to be cleared away in a safe and efficient way. This is the final stage of the pest control process and will allow your business to reopen in line with local guidelines and regulations. For guidance and support clearing contaminated waste from pest infestations, trust The Busters Group.

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Residential contaminated waste cleanup

During a house clearance, there is a chance you may come across the contaminated waste. This might include sharps and needles, biohazard waste or even bodily waste. In this instance, it would be safer to entrust the house clearance to a professional team. Our highly trained team can tackle the project from start to finish while being sensitive to the nature of the task. In the case of clearing out the property of a deceased relative, our team will recognise that this is an emotionally turbulent time.

If you are a landlord and you need to clear a property that has been left in an unfit state, we can also support you if it has been fly-tipped near your property. We can help to quickly and efficiently get the residence clean, free of contaminated waste and ready to put it back on the market and resume your rental income. If you enter a property and there is contaminated waste, you will need to seek professional help to clear it as this cannot be placed in your grey bins.

Exterior contaminated waste

Sometimes, contaminated waste is left behind, creating a danger to public health. When sharps and needles are left outside, the result is not only unsightly but also dangerous. Swift removal is required to help protect the community. We can provide outdoor contaminated waste removal for businesses, local authorities and housing associations. This is part of our wider grounds maintenance service.

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