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Safe and effective insect control services

There are over 20,000 species of insects in the UK. And insects represent more than half of all living organisms on the planet.

They are incredibly successful and prevalent across the world, but this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with an infestation. Insect larvae can damage food and fabrics, and adult insects can also sting humans. Pests like flies and mosquitos can also spread disease, while bed bugs cause itching and loss of sleep.

We’re experienced in identifying and removing any insect infestation imaginable. With offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London, we can quickly deploy teams up and down the country to provide fast support. Our comprehensive insect removal and control service goes beyond the basics to ensure infestations are discouraged in the future. We can also provide decontamination services to ensure your business or home is safe to enjoy again. Don’t suffer from an insect infestation any longer, trust The Busters Group to deliver.

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Insect control for all industries

We can provide industry-specific support to ensure your business remains compliant with local regulations. Insect infestations pose a serious problem to organisations in the hotel, leisure and healthcare sector. More specifically, bed bugs can be bad for business in the hotel, holiday let and residential homes sector. We provide support specific to your industry to help protect your customers, staff and visitors while also minimising downtime.

Comprehensive insect removal services

Once insects have taken hold and started to multiply, they quickly become intolerable. You need to take action fast to help prevent the spread and further contamination. We’re experienced in all areas of insect pest control, including mites, fleas, cockroaches, crickets, wasps, bees, bed bugs, carpet beetles, mosquitos, ants and moths. We also have experience dealing with spider infestations. Although rarely dangerous, we know that they can be a nuisance to those afraid of them.

We use a multi-pronged approach to help take control of an infestation. This includes methods to take care of the current insect population and methods to prevent infestations from returning in the future. This may include all aspects of fly control, insecticidal sprays, insect baits, fogging treatments, insect traps, fly screening, electric fly killers and bed bug control. We can also offer advice on day-to-day cleaning tasks that will help to keep infestations under control.

Wasp or bee hive infestation?

Bees and wasps can pose a serious danger to those in business or residential premises. If the nest is disturbed, the insects may swarm and sting those around them. Don’t delay in this instance. Call The Busters Group for fast and efficient bee or wasp nest removal services.

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