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Eliminate Infestations the Humane Way

Rodents are a common pest that can cause damage to property and pose a risk to health. Our experienced team can help to identify and eliminate rodents fast.

The word ‘rodent’ means to gnaw, and this is precisely what these little pests will do. Rodents including mice and rats can cause considerable damage to property despite their small size. Rodents also spread diseases, including Salmonella, Weil’s disease, Trichinosis, Rat Bite Fever and Hantavirus. This is why rodent control is so important. We help our customers to eliminate rodents from industrial, commercial, retail and residential premises throughout the UK.

With offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London, we can quickly deploy teams to help identify vermin and create a humane plan to remove them. We also provide preventative care to help business owners, healthcare providers and local authorities to identify risk. Through risk assessments and scheduled maintenance contracts, we can provide preventative measures that will prevent infestations before they can take hold.

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NPTA certified rodent control

We take a whole-service approach to pest and rodent control. This starts with a free survey and quotation so you know exactly what you’re up against. We can help to carry out risk assessments, identify dangerous pests and then remove them. We’ll also help to vermin-proof your premises by preventing easy access. And finally, we can provide a decontamination service so you can feel confident the threat of illness is gone.

Our extermination services are humane and compliant with all local regulations and guidelines. Our NPTA certified rodent control team can help you to remove threats from your home or business and prevent them from returning. We can also advise when you are dealing with a protected or endangered species. From responsive pest control to preventative measures, we can help to make this process stress-free and simple. Rest assured that your business or home will be protected by compliant rodent control measures.

Need help identifying your pest?

It isn’t always obvious what is causing the problem. And we don’t expect you to become an expert in the difference between rat and mice droppings. This is why we offer a free survey and quotation service to help you make the right choice for further action. Our experts can visit your property, identify the telltale signs of vermin and give you a comprehensive action plan to help take back control.

Expert rodent clean up services

Once the vermin has been removed, we can assist with the cleanup and decontamination process. Restore your premises to their correct state, remove signs of vermin activity and eliminate the health risk. With a comprehensive pest control service, we will manage the process from start to finish, minimising the disruption to your home or business so you can get on with life.

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