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Complete Hygiene Solutions

The Busters Group works with businesses throughout the UK to overcome the challenges they face in providing hygienic and safe spaces for their workforce and clients.

From washroom services to contaminated waste disposal, we are the team to call. With offices up and down the country, including in Birmingham, Manchester, London and Bristol, we can quickly deploy teams for scheduled maintenance. In the event something goes wrong with your facilities, we provide quick response times to ensure business interruption is minimal.

Due to the current pandemic we have seen an increase in our anti-bacterial solutions. We can offer the option of ‘Electrostatic 3d spraying’ or ‘Ultra Low Volume spraying’ both of these options provide an efficient and effective way of disinfecting your workspace.

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Keeping businesses safe during Covid-19

The Covid-19 health crisis presents a unique challenge to businesses and every business owner needs to take steps to keep your staff, clients, customers and visitors safe. We provide a comprehensive Covid-19 consultancy, offering advice and support on PPE and deep cleaning anti-bacterial sprays.

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Washroom services

Our washroom services will help you to maintain spotless and hygienic toilets, changing facilities and more. We can install, maintain and service essential components such as soap dispensers and air freshener systems to create a welcoming environment. We take pride in the little details that make a washroom more inviting and pleasant.

We can also provide guidance on the latest water and energy-saving measures to help you reduce costs and your impact on the environment. The latest water manager systems help to increase cleanliness and reduce your water usage, while our hand dryers provide an effective and hygienic alternative to paper towels.

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Contaminated waste removal

Some waste can be neatly sorted into the recycling categories. But hazardous waste needs to be properly managed and disposed of to ensure there is no threat to the public or the environment. Our hazardous waste removal service includes waste receptacles, removal and safe disposal in line with the Hazardous Waste (England) Regulations 2005. This includes sharps removal, feminine hygiene bins and nappy bins. We can also provide animal waste decontamination services following pest control measures. We can provide contaminated waste removal on a contract basis for business, or as a one-off service for domestic or commercial site clearance.

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Offering cost effective solutions to all of your hygiene requirements, we build long lasting relationships with our clients and offer nationwide services to support your business.



Call or email our team for a free site survey and we will arrange a surveyor to visit your business.

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After Care

We build long lasting relations with clients and offer help, advice and maintenance support.

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