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Pressure washing

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Commercial pressure washing service

Pressure washing uses high-pressure jets of water to remove dirt, grease and stains from exterior surfaces. It is a highly effective way to revive the exterior of your property and ensure it is safe and hygienic.

Pressure washing isn’t just for better optics, it can also be used to remove moss and algae from decking, stone slabs and stairways. And finally, pressure washing is also an excellent method of pest decontamination. Our expert team can safely access any part of your exterior to give it a thorough cleaning. Maintaining a clean exterior is a small but important part of creating a good first impression.

We clean businesses, factories, industrial sites, healthcare facilities, education premises, hotels, retail premises, leisure facilities and much more. Our team takes great pride in a job well done. All of The Busters Group workers are fully trained to ensure minimal disruption to you and your business while the cleaning work is happening. To learn more about our commercial pressure washing service, get in touch today.

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We're experts in pest decontamination

When the pests have moved on, you may be left with contaminated waste that is a threat to public health. We are experienced in comprehensive pest control measures which includes thorough decontamination. Using pressure washing, we can safely eliminate the contaminated waste and ensure your premises are fit for purpose again.

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Driveway cleaning with jet washer

Your driveway is often the first thing visitors notice about a home. If your driveway is covered in oil stains and stray weeds, it might not be giving visitors the impression you hope for. A clean driveway elevates a home and also ensures safe passage between your car, home and street. Weeds can present a slippery hazard when they get wet which could be dangerous for young and elderly residents alike. Our residential pressure washing service will take care of the exterior of your home and leave it looking pristine.

A messy driveway could also put off prospective buyers, so if you’re trying to sell your home, don’t neglect the curbside appeal. Driveway cleaning with a jet washer can help to give potential buyers the right first impression of your home. We can restore paving slabs and stones to their former glory, remove unwanted weeds and lift unsightly oil stains. Your driveway will look fresh and new, giving buyers the confidence that they are buying a home that has been well cared for.

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Chewing gum waste removal

Chewing gum waste is so unpleasant that some countries have banned it entirely. A floor paved with chewing gum is unpleasant enough, but in the summer heat, this chewing gum can become tacky and stick to shoes. Protect your visitors from this unpleasant occurrence with our chewing gum removal services. Pressure washing can safely and efficiently remove chewing gum from any exterior surface.

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