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Commercial weed spraying & lawn care service

Weeds are more than just an eyesore, they can reduce the quality of your soil and make it harder for surrounding plants and grasses to thrive.

When weeds like moss are present on pavements, they are also a slip hazard. Our commercial weed control services will help to identify and eliminate weeds on your property, ensuring surrounding plants are left undamaged. Through commercial weed spraying schedules and lawn care, you can maintain a pristine exterior to your premises.

Our expert weed control team at the Busters Group will take into consideration things like the weed type, soil quality and the time of year to select the right weed control measure for your commercial premises. By keeping pavements and steps free from moss and algae, you will also avoid the risk of visitors slipping. All of our weed control services and spraying are kind to the environment and will not cause harm to humans, animals or other plant life. Through targeted methods that kill weeds at the root, you can enjoy sustainable results year-round.

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Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is an invasive species of plant that is strictly controlled in the UK. This non-native species can grow 10cm every day and the roots can cause serious damage to concrete, tarmac and brick walls. The damage can be so significant that mortgage providers will not lend on a property with an active Japanese knotweed problem. This is why swift and professional weed control support is required. It is an offence to allow knotweed to spread to neighbouring properties, and many methods of conventional weed removal will lead to the spread.

We use a combination of methods to remove Japanese knotweed, from specialist herbicides to excavation of the roots. Properly disposing of the garden waste is essential to help stop the spread. Since knotweed can grow back from a rhizome the size of a fingernail, it’s important to continue monitoring the area for signs of its return. As weed control specialists, we can provide a scheduled maintenance program as part of our grounds maintenance services to help you take control of knotweed on your property.

When weeds attract pests

When weeds are allowed to grow free, this can provide cover for pests such as vermin or insects. Grounds maintenance and weed control services are as much a part of pest control as placing traps and deterrents. As part of our bespoke grounds maintenance and facilities management service, we can advise on the impact of weeds on and near your property and how this might impact the prevalence of vermin and pests. Let us make sure your weed free, call us today for weed control advice or services.

Weed prevention services

Often, preventative measures to stop weeds are just as important as the removal. We can provide advice and guidance on the best way for you to be weed free from taking hold, including adding weed prevention membranes to flower beds and borders to help minimise maintenance work. The proper removal and disposal of weed waste can also help to minimise the return. While other organisations may cut corners, we believe in getting it right the first time.

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