Industrial Facilities Management

Agile and responsive facilities management for industry

Increase efficiency and minimise downtime with our comprehensive industrial facilities management. Our nationwide service will keep you up and running.

We’re experts in industrial facilities management. UK industry is under increasing pressure to increase productivity while reducing running costs. Strict industry guidelines and safety requirements also create added stress and pressure for operations managers. We act as your facilities management partner, identifying risks and taking action to prevent loss and damage.

With reduced downtime and a fresh pair of eyes on your business, we can help you to identify opportunities for increased productivity. We offer everything from pest and bird control to deep cleaning and hygiene services. Our comprehensive service delivers results for your business, helping you to unlock value in increased productivity. We can ensure your production plant remains fully compliant while also offering a safe and secure environment for your workers.

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Make your workplace COVID-19 secure

We supply PPE for the workplace and offer large-scale antibacterial fogging treatments to keep your workplace safe and productive.

Pest and bird control for industrial premises

Insects, rodents and birds can shut down a factory and cause immeasurable damage to a business. We can help you to manage this risk by identifying and removing pests and birds in a controlled and compliant manner. You will enjoy the reassurance of knowing you have an expert team on your side with decades of experience in pest and bird control. With a Service Level Agreement from The Busters Group, experience is on your side.

By ensuring hygiene and cleanliness standards are always up to the required standards, your business can enjoy increased productivity and profitability. The environment will also be safe and secure for your workers. At every stage in the production cycle, we can help you to manage this risk. From deep cleaning facilities to monitoring storage sites, we offer a comprehensive service and strive to go above and beyond.

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Deep cleaning for industrial workplaces

Our cleaning services are responsive and reactive to your needs. We offer bespoke services that cover everything from decontamination cleaning and graffiti removal to washroom services and toilet maintenance. We draw on our experience across the industrial sector to provide an efficient and effective deep cleaning service.

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Hygiene services for industrial premises

We don’t expect you to know what to look for. As problem solvers, our specially-trained team will approach each new facility with fresh eyes. As part of our industrial facilities management service, we can advise on guidelines, compliance and risk assessments to ensure no stone is left unturned. By offering a fully bespoke service, we can make sure your business enjoys the right level of coverage. Our advice and guidance will give you a competitive edge.

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