How Much Does Pest Control Cost

For both indoor and outdoor pest control, the price varies depending on the location, company, situation, number of treatments needed, level of infestation, or damage done. This is why it's difficult to give an exact quote over the phone for pest control services.

If you're looking at a major problem with pests - whether they be pests that come in droves like ants, termites, or roaches or pests that keep to themselves like spiders and mice - you may want to continue your search for a pest professional. If the problem is simply a smaller infestation of pests, consider trying pest control on your own but always ask for guidance and support from a professional pest control company.

Here at The Buster Group, we are more than happy to discuss a quote with you for your pest control issues or additional pest control services. However, In this piece, we will discuss how much pest control costs and some of the factors that affect pest control price.

Pest control at The Busters Group

What is Pest Control

Pest control is the act of ridding a home or business of any insects, rodents, or animals that can be considered pests. Both professionals and homeowners can do it. Often you use the professionals if the infestation is too large for you to handle, or you do it yourself if it's a small problem. It can also be done for both indoor and outdoor pests.

People tend to use pest control services for pests that are dangerous to have around. These can include termites, ants, bees, wasps, spiders, rodents like mice and rats, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, etc. However, it is also common to use pest control for nuisance pests because they are simply an annoyance or a matter of sanitation.

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Pest Control Costs

The average pest control cost is anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands. This price will vary depending on the severity of the infestation, or even whether you're using a service or doing it yourself. If you hire professionals to do your pest control, expect to pay more, but expect the job to be done correctly. Here at The Busters Group, we can carry out an on-site survey to give a reliable quote; why not speak to our team today who are professional pest controllers and have applied our trade to numerous local businesses across the West Midlands.

Factors that can affect the cost of pest control cost

Curious about the cost of pest control? You're not alone. It's difficult to generalise when someone asks, how much does pest control cost, simply because there are so many factors that will impact this answer. Here are just some of the things that will influence the costs of most pest control jobs.


Your location will have a big impact on pest control cost. If there is a lot of demand for pest control in your area, you can expect to pay more. In general, those living in large cities will pay more for pest control than those in rural areas or smaller towns.

Busters Group is one of the few pest control companies to cover large number of areas of the UK including as Derby, Manchester, Nottingham, Coventry, Worcester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Solihull. Our fast response pest control services will help to identity and eliminate nuisance pests quickly.

Type of pest problem

Some pests are more complex and destructive than others. In many cases, you aren't only paying for the pest control methods, but you are also paying for remedial work to deal with the damage left behind. An example of this would be a termite infestation. Termites can cause a lot of damage to structures and furniture which can be very costly to remedy.

Scale Of The Problem

An infestation that has been left unchecked for a long time will be more difficult to deal with than a recent infestation. This is why it's better to seek help at the first signs of pest problems rather than waiting for it to become more widespread.

Type Of Treatment That Is Needed

Pest control professionals will be able to tell you the type of treatment that is required to deal with the issue. Typically, the most expensive types of treatments are things like structural fumigation to deal with pervasive problems like bed bugs.

After the pest problem is under control, you may then have to think about preventative steps to prevent it from returning. This is often where pest control prices start to increase, as you will need to put more extensive measures in place than may be required to get rid of the original pest problem.

You might be able to find cheap pest control ideas online, but these are unlikely to offer longterm results. And choosing more natural methods will also incur an additional cost. Chemical treatments are typically cheaper, but you need to weigh this up against the potential for allergic reactions for pets and other household residents. These cost affecting factors are all things to consider when tackling your pest control issue.

Size Of The Property

Finally, the size of the property will have a big impact on the overall cost. For example, if you are treating a large industrial factory, this will be more ground to cover than a small apartment. The larger the area to be treated, the more it will cost.

Types of Pest Control

Types of Pest Control

Pest control comes in different forms. Pest problems can be dealt with in other ways as well, depending on what outcome you want. Do you want to keep the natural environment safe? Pest control professionals have different methods to deal with different pests, different environments, and situations. The treatment will always vary from cockroach infestation, bed bugs, flea control, and rodent infestations.

Here are some types of pest control methods used to eradicate pests.

Physical Pest Control

Physical removal is the easiest method but also the most labour-intensive. This might include removing bird nests from buildings, trimming overhanging tree branches, blocking holes where rodents are coming in, and other tactics. This also includes poison traps, a common tactic for pest infestations.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical means of pest control would be spraying or applying chemicals that kill the pests on contact. These chemicals include aerosol bug killers and roach bombs. A pest control specialist is best used for these methods. Spray treatment is very effective against issues such as ant infestation and termite infestations. Farmers often use insecticide sprays to deal with garden pests to keep their crops safe and protected from destruction.

Biological control

It is when you introduce something to the environment to disrupt pests. For example, having a cat or natural predator on your land can help to deter unwanted pests and common household pests. A cat would prevent brown rats, for example.

The type of pest control you get can impact the pest control cost. Some companies even have monthly pest control to ensure they never have a rodent infestation or other pest problem.

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Pest Control Services

Here are some common pest control treatments offered that you can get if you hire a pest control professional

Bird control methods

Bird Control

Pigeon and bird control is a big business, as birds can sometimes cause a lot of damage to buildings. They carry all sorts of diseases that could be harmful to humans, and even just their presence on a rooftop or at a business can deter customers. Bird dropping can also damage buildings, cars, and other structures.

Pest control rodent

Rodent Control

Rodents can be incredibly destructive as well. They carry different diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and more, which are all dangerous to humans. A pest control expert can deal with rodents easily as they are a common pest infestation. If you need a rodent control company due to a rodent infestation then why not call our team today.

Insect Removal

Insect Removal

Insect pests are by far the most common nuisance pests and can cause some serious problems. They include cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos (which carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever), fleas... the list goes on. This pest control price can vary on the insect in question. For example, a bed bug infestation is easier to deal with than cockroaches. Speak to our specialist insect removals team for a quote relating to insect infestations and treatments.

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

The most common human reaction to pests is fear. Most people would rather hire professionals than do it themselves. Since pests involve so many diseases and risks, hiring a professional pest control company is always the best option. These hazards include the spread of disease, damage to structures, sanitation concerns - all can be dangerous or cause sickness, so contact a pest control expert first and enquire about their pest remove prices. Here at The Busters Group, we are more than happy to help you with your pest problem. Ring us today to discuss our prices and we can arrange a quote for you whether that be for domestic or commercial purposes.

How Long Does Pest Control Take?

Common pests don't take long to deal with, but it also depends on how extreme the problem is. Pest control experts can take a while to fully deal with the issue to ensure that the pest does not return. A professional pest controller can deal with the pest and make the environment unsuitable for them to return.

What happens during a pest survey?

During a pest control survey, we will visit your property and carry out a comprehensive search to identify the type of pest issue you are facing and the source of the problem. It's not uncommon for pest control companies to uncover more extensive pest problems that aren't obvious to the property owner.

We can check wall and ceiling voids for signs of pests and then provide advice and support for removing pests from your property. This could include multiple treatments to address the current infestation and the cause of the infestation. Cheaper pest control services may only address the active problem, which will mean the pests can keep returning.

How Do I Find and Hire a Pest Control Company?

It's important to choose a local and reliable trades company to carry out the work. Choosing a professional pest control company will ensure that you get industry standard methods that are in line with recommendations from the National Pest Technicians Association. Choose a reputable company than can provide references of previous work and is a member of the relevant trade organisations.

What Time of Year Is Best for Pest Control?

It's best to address pests when you notice them, but some times of year will be more problematic for certain pests. For example, a termite infestation is most likely in the spring and summer, whereas rodent infestations are more likely to become problematic in winter. Something like a bed bug infestation could happen at any time of year. If you suspect you need professional help, don't delay until it becomes worse.

How Long Do Pest Control Treatments Usually Last?

There are two stages to pest treatment. First, we tackle the active infestation to remove pests from your property. Next, we implement preventative measures to stop them from coming back. Some pests require repeat treatments to stop them from returning while others are very responsive to treatment. Some properties are also more likely to struggle with pests, particularly those that are close to the natural habitat for common pests.

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