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Bird control and bird proofing in Worcester

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Effective bird control in Worcester

We provide humane and effective bird control measures for domestic and commercial properties in Worcester and throughout the UK.

We are a nationwide pest control service company with area-based teams that work with you wherever you are. We specialise in helping you deal with different pests like rats, mice, and other types of vermin and rodents and birds. Contact us today for more information on our methods of control, prevention, and aftercare.

Our team offers pest control services in Worcester, Bromsgrove, Redditch, and surrounding areas. We use a wide range of methods to make the living space for the birds sterile so they are discouraged to continue staying on your property. When dealing with other pests, we aim to remove all traces and breeding areas so you won’t have future problems.

The most common bird infestations are pigeons and seagulls, but all bird-related issues can be handled by our experienced team throughout Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster, and Dudley We work with homeowners, businesses, local authorities and housing associations to help resolve problems. We offer a variety of bird control measures that are adaptable to all situations.

All of the bird control methods we use are completely humane and approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. We have experience in removing birds from locations and then preventing them from returning and nesting. We’re also experienced in decontamination, offering a comprehensive service to help get you back on track. We can get involved at any stage, offering help and advice to remove an infestation, or offering consultancy to help prevent future infestations for existing buildings or new constructions.

Bird Control Worcester

Birds are known for their beautiful singing, but once they make your roof or chimneys their nesting and breeding ground, they become pests that must be dealt with by a team of professional pest controllers. While you can opt to deal with minor issues on your own, hire us to get full proof quality work with our experienced team that uses the best materials on the market for the job.

Birds bring unpleasant smell if they are trapped in places where they can’t get out. Birds also produce a foul odour that can quickly turn off customers if they are around business premises or be highly problematic for people with Asthma. Apart from the bad smell, birds are also carriers of diseases and attract other kinds of pests like flies and fleas.

We are specialists in bird control and help eliminate any bird that might be putting you or your property at risk. We have experience removing Gulls that can attack humans and Pigeons that can destroy your building with their acidic droppings.

We stand out as an environmentally friendly pest control service company and use humane approaches when dealing with bird control and removal. We work in line with guidelines from environmentalist groups and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Our record of effective treatments is proof of the quality work we provide to our clients for your satisfaction. Please request a free quote to get help from our friendly and professional technicians.

We do bird proofing with nets to keep the birds away from your property, and for other types of birds, we use traps depending on the area we are working. Our bird traps keep the birds alive until we free them back into the wild, away from your property. These are some of our control methods that have proven results.

See our pest control in Worcester dedicated page and decide to work with us. Our team will work with you to decide on the right method to work with on your building, get rid of existing bird nests that are highly contaminated and flammable, increase the risk of fires, and offer aftercare to your roofs chimneys.

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