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Keep your hotel running smoothly and efficiently with the help of our expert team. Your guests have exacting standards, and we’re here to help you uphold them.

The hotel industry is struggling in the face of travel restrictions and the rise of home-sharing sites making it easier for ordinary people to turn their spare rooms into income. To stay ahead of this evolving competition, hotels need to provide impeccable and reliable conditions. Hotel guests are looking for rest and relaxation, and we can help you to deliver this experience.

Scheduled maintenance can help to stop problems at the source, while emergency callout support ensures that you’ve always got an expert team on your side. Deal with problems quickly, efficiently and discreetly every time with the help of The Busters Group. We provide a range of facilities management services to help your establishment succeed.

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Stop pests affecting your hotel

Hotels, hostels, B&Bs and guest houses rely heavily on reputation. Visitor and travellers expect their rooms to be clean, comfortable and safe throughout their stay so if pests, or pest evidence is seen then guests will always perceive this as an indication that your property is not clean or sanitary.

Reputation is everything in the hospitality sector so we know how important it is to keep your business pest free.

Busters Group rapidly, effectively, and discreetly tackle any pest problem your hotel is facing, without distressing or disturbing guests or staff. We’ll work with you to resolve your pest problems – either on a one-off basis or through our proactive annual pest management service.

Removing an infestation

Annual pest management

Hotel Hygiene Services

When people stay away from home, they need to be certain of consistently high hygiene standards. But with a high guest turnover, hotels can find it difficult to maintain these levels.

Our range of products and services will help you to portray the right image, minimise the risk of damaging illness outbreaks and increase the chance of repeat business.

Professional hotel grounds maintenance

Beautiful grounds are central to the appeal of any hotel, we have dedicated teams who specialise in Hotel Grounds Maintenance. Our high standards of work and attention to detail make us a perfect fit for any hotel, large or small.

Visitors and guests form their first (and often lasting) impression of the quality of your hotel establishment from the exterior of the building and the grounds in which it is set. An attractive, clean and well maintained appearance is a reassuring indicator of commitment to high standards within. Gardens and grounds can influence whether a guest returns and/or recommends the hotel to others.

Grounds Maintenance

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