Corporate facilities management

Facilities management for offices

Uncover potential in your office space with effective corporate facilities management. Our comprehensive service covers all areas, inside and out, to ensure safety and cleanliness.

With 10 million office workers in the UK, we help to ensure they have a safe, productive and inspiring place to work. From grounds management to keep the exterior of your business looking pristine, to pest control to prevent infestations and unsafe work environments, we offer a bespoke service that goes above and beyond.

The Busters Group covers the whole of the UK, with offices in Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and London. This allows us to deploy teams up and down the country to provide fast-response support. With facilities management support from The Busters Group, you can be assured of exemplary service. Our team goes above and beyond at every opportunity.

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Return to work safely with COVID-19 precautions

Due to exceptional demand, we now offer PPE for the workplace alongside deep cleaning and antibacterial fogging treatments for your office.

Pest and bird control for offices

Your employees spend a third of their waking day in the office, so you know how important it is to create a safe and welcoming environment. Little things make a big difference in an office environment and tasks are known to fall between the cracks when no one takes charge. We provide a comprehensive service that will allow you to project the right image for your organisation. Our attention to detail will leave no stone unturned.

From efficient and hygienic washroom facilities to scheduled window cleaning for that refined finish. These tasks are often overlooked and can reflect negatively on your business. We will act as the second pair of eyes for your business, making sure pest control, hygiene, deep cleaning and grounds management are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. From one-off callouts to scheduled maintenance, we can adapt to your business needs to keep you running efficiently and without interruption.

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Hygiene services for offices

Project a professional image for your organisation with clean and hygienic washroom facilities. Visitors and staff will appreciate the attention to detail that we put into creating welcoming washrooms. We can install and maintain soap dispensers, hand dryers, air fresheners and more. We also provide water managers to help cut water usage in washrooms by 70%.

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Grounds maintenance and cleaning for offices

The exterior of your office is just as important as the interior. We can provide scheduled maintenance for services like landscaping and window cleaning. We also offer emergency support to remove graffiti, chewing gum or bird contamination from the exterior of your office building. Project a professional image for your company with a clean and refined exterior.

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