Why Is Recycling Important

Recycling is high on the list of environmental duties that are being performed in a bid to rid the earth of pollution and the reproduction of new raw materials.

Recycling is high on the list of environmental duties that are being performed in a bid to rid the earth of pollution and the reproduction of new raw materials. Japan first started recycling paper when they learned to produce it themselves and America’s attention was first brought to recycling at the end of World War 2. Britain passed their recycling law in 2003 and Africa first started adding a conscious footprint to the well being of everyone’s lives in the 1980s. A need to clean up a world that many did not foresee existing by the year 2021, has taken over with activists coming in at young ages and using all their resources to preach about the need to throw all your garbage in the correct bin. In completely 3rd world countries, glass bottles and metal cans are collected and sold to recycling plants as means of income and competitions are held in countries with higher incomes to create more awareness on social media platforms of the need to recycle. Various recycling bins find themself at every petrol stop and shopping mall so that no one has an excuse for why they are not contributing to our future generations.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling reduces the amount of air and water pollution that is created every day through littering along national roads, beaches and parkways. The landfills that this litter ends up on could take decades to lose even a 10th of its quantity, but recycling takes away from the waiting period and creates jobs for companies that use the opportunity to turn unwanted garbage into items that can easily be reused. Smaller companies benefit from the resale of recycled goods and job creation and the economic market strengthens and opens up doors to free educational material that usually gets sponsored to underprivileged school by these companies who take part in strengthening the earth’s carbon footprint. Whether it is the school shoes, school bags or the writing material that they use, it can all be reproduced by making sure that the correct garbage goes into the correct bin.

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The affects on wildlife

Wildlife has also been harmed by aggressive littering, but the popularity of sporting activities such as deep-sea diving has brought attention to the fact that our oceans are in desperate need of people to reconsider the amount of recycling that they do. Beaches and parks are finally starting to feel safe from unwanted items that have been left behind by lazy outdoor visitors and making people aware of their recklessness seem to have helped the environment where families can once again look forward to spending time outdoors without running into rubble that could be hazardous. People are using the opportunity on hiking trails to collect garbage as they walk, making it a fun activity for their kids. Clean up parties on the beach is another popular activity and if we can continue to do these minor activities, we could create better health and stronger wealth. Livestock would have actual grass to eat cutting out the chemicals that they are being fed because there is no grass or plant life. Fruit and vegetables can be grown in their natural habitat, cutting out the GMO systems that scientists have created for us to continue a line of vegetable and fruit that might be impossible to grow otherwise because its natural habitat has become overpopulated with pollution and dirt. If we continue to recycle and give the earth a chance to repair itself in certain areas we might be able to see a drop in illnesses like cancer because the genetic modification of our food is no longer needed and additional hormones and chemicals can be cut out completely.

Global Warming

Global warming is a huge problem for everyone in the 21st century because it has taken us a really long time to take note of the detriment that our behaviour has caused. Melting ice caps, the increase in natural disasters and the unnatural migration of animals are all the result of global warming brought on the ill concern that we as humans have paid the earth. We have an opportunity to turn from our actions and try and form better relationships with the environment. We can start to save more energy by tapping into domestic source materials and using them instead of fossil fuels. Cutting down on the level of carbon dioxide being produced will be the first step that we can take and this step will require us to do something really simple: put our garbage into the correct bins for recycling.

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