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Bird control and bird proofing in Redditch

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Effective bird control in Redditch

We provide humane and effective bird control measures for domestic and commercial properties in Redditch and throughout the UK.

Bird Pest Control in Redditch

Are you having trouble with bats roosting in your attic, seagulls, or pigeons perching on your buildings and creating a mess on your beautiful lawn?

Are you tired of cleaning after the birds, the noise, or the odour of the birds? It's always best reserved for trained pest control professionals to handle any bird-related issues that you might be experiencing. Hear from us how to control pest problems and let our experts show you the results.

We provide effective pest control services for bird removal that can be used to deal with all types of birds. We deal with functional problems but also offer prevention measures for existing buildings and new construction projects. We aim for effectiveness and quality but use humane and environmentally friendly methods in line with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and other environmentalist groups as our public service to future generations.

Apart from dealing with birds, our pest control team is fully trained and experienced to deal with all types of pest problems in Redditch and surrounding areas. Contact us to hear about our special offers for pest control in Redditch. We are your reliable local pest control service with a record of satisfied customers.

The most common bird infestations are pigeons and seagulls, but all bird-related issues can be handled by our experienced team throughout areas of Redditch, Worcester, Kidderminster, and Dudley. We work with homeowners, businesses, local authorities and housing associations to help resolve problems. We offer a variety of bird control measures that are adaptable to all situations.

Pest control services and methods

All of the bird control methods we use are completely humane and approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. We have experience in removing birds from locations and then preventing them from returning and nesting. We’re also experienced in decontamination, offering a comprehensive service to help get you back on track. We can get involved at any stage, offering help and advice to remove an infestation, or offering consultancy to help prevent future infestations for existing buildings or new constructions.

Our pest control services and methods for bird control are wide-ranged to fit different needs and customer preferences. Here are some of the ways to choose from.

We use liquid and gel repellents that are human-friendly but can drive away birds because of their taste and odour.

For families with children or sensitive to smell, we use motion detection repellents. These are low-wave motion detectors only audible to the birds but guarantee to irritate them enough to leave your premises.

Bird proofing is also available as a method of bird control. Our bird proofing services will keep birds away from all areas requiring restriction and ensure that they do not return or start nesting on your property.

While you can deal with one or a few birds, a plague of birds can be risky to deal with and requires pest control professionals to do the handling.

Why choose us

To control pests, a full property inspection is included in our pest control services agenda to create the best pest control plan to suit your needs and eliminate the problem with the highest guarantee of no return. We guarantee satisfaction to all our clients existing or new.

You don't want agitated birds on your property, so the best way to deal with birds that have become pests is to consult us, and we will do the job effectively and promptly.

We also provide decontamination and cleaning services for buildings that have bird wastes. While you may be tempted to do this yourself, remember bird waste is dangerous and carries infections that remain in urine and droppings. Please keep away from contaminated areas and let our team of experts decontaminate the site for your peace of mind.

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